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We are a team of experts in Family Law located in Bangalore. We have extensive experience dealing with cases such as Divorce, Annulment, Conjugal Rights, Maintenance, Domestic Violence, Custody and Adoption, Women Protection Rights, and Dowry Harassment matters. We aim to resolve disputes through Mediation and to quickly resolve cases. Our mission is to provide justice and the best service to our clients, holding to the dignity and integrity that our professional ethics demand.

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B.N. Nagaraja on TV

B.N. Nagaraja appeared numerous times alongside actress Lakshmi on Season 1 of the Kathe Alla Jeevana TV show on the Star Suvarna channel. He provided expert legal advice on the topic of each episode. He advised families on the legal actions they could take to resolve their disputes and the relevant Indian laws. Season 1 of the Kathe Alla Jeevana was the most viewed show on Star Suvarna at that time.

B.N. Nagaraja wishing all the Sri Vemana TV viewers a happy new year - 2023. Skip ahead in the video 1:41 secs to see him speak.
A dedicated video about his work will be coming soon on Sri Vemana TV. Stay Tuned!

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Google review of B.N. Nagaraja Family Law Advocate by Nithin Rajashekar★★★★★ "I would recommend Nagaraja sir and his team highly. When my family and I were going through a very difficult time, we felt like we were alone and didn't know where to turn. But then, the universe conspired to bring us to Nagaraja sir, and we knew right away that he was different from all the other lawyers we had met. Nagaraja sir is a man of his word, and he gives you hope and assurance when you need it most. His knowledge and experience are truly extraordinary, and he is always there for his clients, giving personal attention to every single case. His communication skills are top-notch, and he keeps you updated on the progress of your case every step of the way. He is the kind of lawyer who gets things done quickly and efficiently, without wasting any time or money. What really sets Nagaraja sir apart, though, is his dedication to his clients, he puts in 200% effort and commitment to get you the results you deserve. Thanks to his outstanding work, my family and I were able to put our four-year ordeal behind us in just six months! This is a RECORD-BREAKING ACHIEVEMENT that we will never forget. And it's not just Nagaraja sir who deserves credit; his entire team of junior lawyers is friendly, caring, and very professional. They work together seamlessly to provide you with the best possible service, and they always put your needs first. In short, if you're looking for THE BEST LAWYER in town, look no further than Nagaraja sir and his team. They are truly exceptional, and they will fight for your rights and your future with everything they've got. Thank you, Nagaraja sir and team, from the bottom of our hearts!"
Google review of B.N. Nagaraja Family Law Advocate by SWATHI D N★★★★★ "This is to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding legal representation provided by B.N.Nagaraja during a challenging family dispute. From the very beginning of our engagement, B.N.Nagaraja exhibited a high level of professionalism, empathy, and expertise. Their exceptional communication skills allowed not only understand the intricacies of our case but also establish a strong attorney-client relationship based on trust and understanding. Throughout the entire legal process, B.N.Nagaraja demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of family law and the complexities that come with such disputes. They consistently kept us informed about the progress of our case, promptly addressed our concerns, and provided clear and practical legal advice, making us feel at ease during an emotionally trying time. One of the most commendable traits of B.N.Nagaraja is their ability to approach each situation with compassion and sensitivity. They were genuinely invested in the well-being of our family and sought amicable solutions whenever possible. However, when faced with the need to be assertive and strong in the courtroom, B.N.Nagaraja displayed unwavering determination and excellent negotiation skills, ensuring that our rights were protected and our interests were represented effectively. Furthermore, B.N.Nagaraja went above and beyond to explore various alternative dispute resolution methods, saving us time, money, and unnecessary stress. Their commitment to finding the most suitable solution for our unique circumstances highlighted their dedication to serving their clients' best interests. I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact B.N.Nagaraja had on our family's life. Thanks to their relentless efforts and expertise, we were able to achieve a favorable outcome in our case, leading to a more stable and peaceful future for our loved ones. I wholeheartedly recommend B.N.Nagaraja to anyone seeking legal representation for family matters. Their remarkable professionalism, vast knowledge of family law, and unwavering support are a testament to their exceptional skills as a family dispute advocate. Once again, thank you, for your outstanding work and genuine care. We are eternally grateful for your dedication and support throughout this process. Sincerely, Swathi"