Mutual Consent Divorce

Divorce with dignity is possible 

Many of our clients come to us wondering if there is any such thing as a dignified divorce. At the Law and Mediation Offices of B. N. Nagaraja, A.P.C., what seems impossible can become possible.

A dignified divorce can be accomplished if each side is open to negotiation and compromise. Mutual respect of each other's needs and a focus on the best interests of their children are important steps towards ending a marriage. Contentious litigation can reduce your divorce into a war between two factions who are each looking to win, rather than looking to resolve the financial and emotional issues.

Advocate B. N. Nagaraja represents clients in divorce and the matters related to it, including:

Finding The Best Way To Handle Your Divorce

We encourage all of our clients to consider mediation. It provides a more cooperative environment to resolve issues related to a divorce, and also gives the divorcing couple control over the decisions and the costs.

B. N. Nagaraja has received comprehensive experience in the mediation process. He can serve as either a neutral facilitator overseeing the proceeding or represent one side's rights and best interests. He also advocates for clients in Mutual Consent Divorce proceedings.

Divorce Litigation as an Option

Mutual Consent Divorce is not right for every case. In some cases, litigation may be the best way to resolve your divorce issues. For example, if both sides are far apart or one spouse chooses not to negotiate in good faith, a judge will have to make the key decisions related to your future.

If that is the case, B. N. Nagaraja will be a strong advocate for your interests. While it is not an ideal way to resolve your divorce, it may be a pragmatic step to moving on following your marriage.

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