Dowry Harassment

Dowry Harassment

Are you falsely accused of Dowry Harassment ?

If you or a loved one’s freedom is at risk due to a domestic battery investigation or dowry harassment charge in Bangalore, you must be very careful. The life-long negative effects of a dowry harassment can be disastrous. 

It is key to get a skilled dowry harassment advocate on your side asap. The Law & Mediation Office of B. N. Nagaraja, A.P.C.,  will fight to get the best possible outcome, reduce charges and keep you out of jail. We can help you immediately.

We have an excellent record handling 1,000’s of domestic violence and criminal cases. Our lawyers know how police, judges and prosecutors operate and how they build domestic violence cases in Bangalore. This inside knowledge helps us identify the flaws to use in your defense. 

Dowry harassment accusations can be very embarrassing and stressful. False accusations are common from angry spouses looking to manipulate facts for revenge or agenda. Those accused often feel judged guilty before the facts are even heard. We understand the pressure you are dealing with and are 100% focused on protecting you and your record. We do not judge; we are only here to help.

Often it is not the facts of the case that result in a great outcome, but understanding the system, relationships and a skillful presentation of your case to the judge or prosecutor. Our advocates not only know the system, they are at home in it.

You can go to court with confidence knowing our domestic violence lawyer will fight skillfully to defend your rights and achieve the best resolution possible.