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Times of India

Karnataka 4th in divorce; women take no nonsense

"I represent about 25 divorce cases a day . Judges are unable to spend more than six minutes on a case because of the increased case load," says BN Nagaraj, an advocate practising in a family court.

"In most cases, the reason is a complete breakdown of compatibility within a few years. I am also seeing cases of second marriages breaking down," he notes.

New Indian Express

Till technology, triviality do us apart

Family court advocate BN Nagaraja says just about anything can be a reason for separation. “Ego is the root cause and technology is merely a trigger. I have observed cases where either wife or husband starts suspecting their better half over WhatsApp messages with heart-shaped emoticon. Too many selfies taken with a friend also emerges as an issue,” he says.

“Spouses even go so far as to contact the friend with whom the selfies were taken to check the faithfulness of their partner. Both parties are financially independent and see no reason to put up with each other. Why should one listen to the other, is what they think,” he adds.