B.N. Nagaraja

B.N. Nagaraja

Born in 1966, at Chintamani, Kolar District , B. N. Nagaraja completed his B.Com and joined Lahari recording company as Deputy General Manager. The then MD of Lahari recording company, Mr. G. Manohar Naidu (Anna), encouraged him to study Law, and  Mr. Nagaraja simultaneously pursued law in in the evening session at Dayanand Sagar Law College, Bangalore.

Concurrently, he started looking after cases of the company. He got himself enrolled at the Bar in the year 1999 and has been professing advocacy since then. He has practiced before the City Civil and Sessions Courts, Metropolitan Magistrate Court, MayoHall Court and the Nyayadegula. But since the year 2005 he has focussed only on Family law.

B. N. Nagaraja is a legend at Family Court. He has sincerely served the society with his exceptional insight into law. He is sensitive to the emotions of the parties, yet has the clarity to objectively pursue the best interests of the clients. He has won number of contested cases.

He is a great proponent and endorser of the mediation mechanism. A significant part of his practice is participating in mediation and settling issues in hand. He has successfully settled 1000 number of cases and hence, he is popularly known as the ‘Settlement Raja’.

The pinnacle of his career as a lawyer brought with it the opportunity to give legal opinion in, Kathe alla Jeevana, a famous Kannada TV program, aired in Suvarna Channel hosted by the popular known actress in South-Indian film industry, Mrs. Lakshmi (popularly known as Juliee Lakshmi) in the year 2009 to 2010 where he changed and helped many lives and families with his out-of the box thinking and practical solutions. 

At that time, the show became a superhit for its purpose and cause, as it catered to the general public, and most households could relate to the show. The audience grew bigger and Mr. Nagaraja came to be appreciated by not just Advocates but Judges as well. 

Encouraged by the positive impact the show was having, Mr. Nagaraja started legal counseling, advising and helping people in reconciliations. This led him to pursing exclusively in family and matrimonial matters. Mr. Nagaraja finds immense satisfaction in putting an end to family disputes, and helping those who are constrained in difficult unhealthy relationships. 

Nagaraja has the patience, perseverance and introspection to crack open any case. He is sportive and encourages his fellow brothers and inspires the young budding advocates. The respect between him and the brotherhood is mutual. 

He is also a lawyer on retainership for Auden Institute of Technology, Bangalore.